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Our Approach

Ventac is committed to delivering far beyond our customers’ expectations and this is a value firmly rooted within every single member of our team. Our experience working with diverse, expanding and demanding markets and industries, combined with our technical expertise and superior customer support enables both us and our customers to grow and prosper. Our team of experts believe in getting things right the first time and provide the trust, reliability and quality of service that our customers need. Ventac understands the timelines and demands of our clients and we ensure that our services are delivered to the highest standards.

Since being established in 1975, Ventac has developed an extensive base of expertise across the fields of Vehicle & Industrial Noise Control. We work intimately with multi-national organisations across a diverse range of markets, which has allowed us to build longstanding relationships and an impressive brand reputation across each of our industries.

Ventac team

Our Experience

Our exceptional performance track record has supported the growth of our customer base. Organisations work with Ventac because they feel assured that they will be provided with a customer experience that provides the dependability, effectiveness and innovativeness that their industry demands – without any associated risk.

Ventac works in partnership with their clients to understand their needs and to deliver on project challenges. We treat every application as bespoke and approach them in a strategic and structured manner in order to deliver beyond our promise for our customers. We encourage innovation throughout every aspect of our company processes and have a culture of adaptability and simplicity, which highly valued by our clients.

Ventac’s customers trust us to deliver on every project, each and every time.


At Ventac, we are open and honest in everything we do. We only accept outstanding customer communication as the standard and have an ambitious commitment to customer care that is true and uncompromising. Because we work in partnership with our clients, we can provide clear and concise information along each stage of our customers’ projects to ensure that the sound customer focused principles of Ventac are experienced across every single relationship we build.


Ventac boasts an impressive staff retention rate and our team have worked and successfully delivered on hundreds of projects over the years. This accumulated experience is one of the most beneficial contributions we can offer to our customers.

Working with Ventac is low-risk and we ensure that the benefits of our services and solutions are transmittable to our customers and to their end-users to provide them with the agile and competitive solution they need to enhance and support their brand name and reputation. We supply a premium solution with a service guarantee that our customers rely on again and again.


Ventac set the standard in service, on-time delivery, quality and reliability. We drive a strong commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement to our services, products and operations. As we presume high expectations, we expect to deliver nothing less to our customers. We work as a team to ensure the quality of our products and services are focused towards delivering on our customer’s needs.


Ventac works in partnership with their customers to deliver high-performance and innovative solutions that are tailor-made with their needs in mind. At Ventac, we are constantly developing, testing and creating new means of solving our customer’s noise issues and we are driven by market trends and changes to maintain our position as one of the leading suppliers of noise control solutions to the Vehicle and Industrial markets.

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