Braun, Carlow, Ireland

Date: Oct, 2004
Location: Carlow, Ireland

Ventac were awarded the contract by Proctor and Gamble to reduce the noise emissions from their Boucherie machines at the factory in Carlow. These machines were already enclosed but noise was still penetrating and causing annoyance to employees on the plant floor.

We found that these machines had several noise sources with different frequencies, i.e. airborne noise, motor noise and metal on metal noise. We chose to install a large amount of Open Cell Acoustic Class ‘O’ Fire Rated Foam to reduce the internal reverberation time. This foam was applied to all areas of the internal machine, ceiling, walls and doors. To stop noise penetrating through gaps in the machine, we installed acoustic seals to these areas.

This solution was extremely successful and five other similar machines were upgraded with this treatment.


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