Agricultural Vehicles

tractor imageThe main objective for noise control on agricultural vehicles, is to reduce the dynamic noise levels at the operators ear in order to improve operators comfort. High noise at Operator Ear Level (OEL) in tractors is the major cause of fatigue to the operator.

With growing competition and legislative requirements, there is ominous need for the agricultural tractor manufacturers to control noise levels. Ventac’s strategy for noise reduction on agriculture tractors is to identify and control key noise sources affecting performance parameters like power, torque and fuel efficiency to meet increasingly stringent noise legislation.

Ventac’s bespoke acoustic solutions can also be very effective for customers who are producing outside the EU but wish to sell their products in this market. Ventac can provide a complete service in order to upgrade their vehicles and comply with adequate market legislation.

When we start on a project, noise source identification is carried out to identify and rank airborne and structure borne noise sources. The airborne sources such as cooling fan, exhaust silencer and intake are evaluated using elimination method at tractor level. It is important, also, to consider the different gear set combinations of the vehicle when conducting the tests. The noise source identification identifies the major noise radiating components by using noise and vibration measurement, and sound intensity mapping tools.

Acoustic solutions, considering complete acoustic engineering, material selection and material deliveries, designed for use in the cab of the vehicle are selected to reduce the noise effectively, aesthetically pleasing in and hard-wearing and easy to clean.

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