Vehicle Noise Control

Industrial and Commercial Vehicle Noise Specialists
Using a wide variety of techniques to identify and quantify noise sources, we can similarly identify and quantify related noise paths. Our knowledge of materials combined with our experience in manufacturing parts for long service vehicles, allows us to develop the most cost effective solutions to any noise problem. There are many companies who can diagnose vehicle noise problems but few who design, manufacture and supply the solution. At Ventac, we offer a highly innovative approach to Industrial and Commercial Vehicle Noise control.

Vehicle noise represents one of the most frustrating issues with which OEM’s have to contend.

When it comes to knowing which materials and parts to use, how to size the components, and where to place them considerations can seem endless. At Ventac, we understand how individual components contribute to the overall noise of the vehicle.

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For us, a noise assessment means testing a vehicle with specialist equipment, subsequently prototype parts are mocked up and fitted. The customer can both measure and hear the noise reduction achieved on their vehicle. This development process takes place either at the customers’ site or at our testing facility in Blessington. Having our own manufacturing facility means that product design, manufacture and quality are under our direct control. We develop a partnership with our customers, supplying noise control products designed for each of their vehicles with the on-going support of our acoustic expertise and noise testing capabilities.

Agricultural Vehicles

Excessive noise at Operator Ear Level (OEL) in tractors is the major cause of fatigue to the operator. With growing competition, and upcoming legislative requirement there is ominous need for the agricultural tractor manufacturers to control noise levels.

Bus & Coach

Noise is fast becoming a challenge for commercial vehicle OEM’s. The global bus and coach industry is a dynamic and challenging environment. Bus and coach operators demand ever-lower vehicle operating and repair costs combined with improved reliability and durability.

Specialist Vehicles

This category of vehicles covers a wide range from material handling vehicles to road sweepers and presents numerous challenges to reduce noise both for the operators and the environment.

Industrial Vehicles

The operator’s position in industrial and construction vehicles typically has a number of acoustic problems. These include a small enclosed environment, a large proportion of acoustically reflective glazed surfaces and multiple noise sources from the vehicle.

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