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Outdoor noise reduction usually involves blocking noise from road construction, traffic or mechanical equipment (air-conditioners, chillers, etc.).

In most countries, when roads are being constructed they put up sound barrier walls to shield or block noise from reaching residential neighbourhoods nearby. Motorway noise barrier walls are used when busy roads and motorways are built near highly populated areas. When outdoor soundproofing is needed from mechanically generated noise, acoustical enclosures and outdoor sound barriers are generally the solutions offered to reduce noise levels. Ventac offer many made to measure solutions to eliminate all nuisance noises. Stringent regulatory requirements insist on business and industry meeting all set target noise levels. Ventac can offer an effective solution unique to the application.

Treatment Plants

Noise from treatment plants can result in many complaints depending on the situation of nearby residents or businesses. The source comes from the heavy processes involved in cleaning water. We have provided solutions for several water treatment plants very successfully with various solutions.
construction site

Construction Noise

Noise from construction sites can be extremely loud and is generally situated close to other inhabitants. Given the nature of the work involved, sometimes it is necessary for Construction Companies to provide noise reduction measures. Ventac have developed a reusable solution that can be brought from site to site.

Mechanical Equipment

Having treated many applications of many sizes including, chillers, blast freezers, transformers, pumping stations and air-conditioning equipment, Ventac can offer a solution to suit each application, regardless of size. Working to a planned schedule and within the sites constraints, you can be assured the project will be completed successfully.

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