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Noisy Booster Pumps Now a Thing Of The Past

Ventac have recently launched their new acoustic jacket for domestic booster pumps. This product provides and easy to install effective noise measure to combat pump noise on domestic booster pumps.

Many residential properties built during the boom had this type of pump installed. Many properties suffer with this type of noise and it is particularly evident at night time when the house is quieter and noise levels can be quite disruptive. Often this noise can disturb both sleeping children and adults.

QT Pump Jacket Acoustic Performance

The levels of noise reduction that can be achieved are approx 7dB – which equates to halving the perceived noise levels. While the jacket does not completely “soundproof” the pump, a dramatic improvement is experienced.

QT Pump Jacket Cutting For Pipe Holes

This product is designed to encapsulate the entire pump with the exception of pipe penetrations and ventilation requirements (air-cooled models only). Ventac have been developing this jacket for owner/occupier installation.

Simple and quick to install with minimal DIY skills, the item comes complete with a hole drill bit, vibration mat and easy assemble acoustic jacket. The jackets come in different variants depending on the type of pump being installed on.

Download our product data sheet here and view the easy installation instructions below.


Installation Instructions

View Pump Jacket

For more information contact John Geoghegan via email or 045-851500.

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