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At Ventac, our expertise lies in bespoke acoustic solution design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Our team is dedicated to delivering high-performance solutions that are focused on efficiency and quality. Ventac’s 848m2 manufacturing facilities are located at our HQ location alongside our Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories. These facilities are dedicated to the production of all our product solutions for our international client base.

ventac employee manufacturing high quality products
Ventac manufacturing icons exact needs

Each of Ventac’s solutions are supported by and manufactured in accordance with the exact needs of our customers.

Ventac manufacturing icons acoustic test program

All of our applications are supported by an Acoustic Test Program so we can understand the noise and acoustic properties of each project.

Ventac manufacturing icons performance validated

Our materials, products and acoustic solutions are then performance validated in accordance with this process to ensure that we can deliver the most effective noise control solution to our customers.

Tailor-Made Material Composites

Ventac’s manufacturing facilities specialise in the manufacturing of tailor-made material composites for the vehicle and industrial noise control sectors and our capabilities are dedicated to producing innovative acoustic products and solutions.

Ventac’s composite materials are fine-tuned to address the specific noise and frequencies being emitted from our customer’s noise source. Supported by our Acoustic Test Programs, each of Ventac’s 400+ materials are performance validated and tested within our Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories to determine their acoustic performance. A solution is then designed and selected based on this materials expertise and is assembled as a high-performance composite solution that is designed specifically to control, reduce and manage our customers’ noise problem.

Working with our customers, Ventac can manufacture the most effective acoustic solution based on the needs of our customers.

  • Strength
  • Stiffness
  • Toughness
  • Aesthetics
  • Cost
  • Production Regulation Requirements
  • Ease of installation
  • Acoustic and vibration control demands
  • Heat Resistance

High-quality products that meet our customer’s needs.

Bonding & Laminating Equipment
for the combination of multiple material types in layers to create custom acoustic composites

CNC Cutting Technologies
precision cutting machines programmed using CAD files allow parts of any size and detail to be accurately cut

Material Facing & Heat Treatment Systems
parts can be made impermeable and resistant to high temperatures for use in extreme conditions

Modern Stitching Techniques
high strength Kevlar thread is used to bind and seal the multiple layers of cut parts, leaving them with a neat finish

Eyeleting Machinery
eyelets are brass rings which can be punch through any product to allow for easier fixing and mounting

raw fibreglass rolls are run through the quilting machines, which applies a thick layer of scrim cloth to either side of the material to enable easier bonding and prevent fibre migration

ventac employee manufacturing high quality products
ventac employee manufacturing high quality products
ventac employee manufacturing high quality products

used for R&D purposed to perform heat tests on any new materials or new composites

Hydraulic Press
parts are made from heavy sheets of damping material using die-cut press tools

Edge Wrapping
an alternative to stitching. Parts that have been CNC cut can have the edges sealed by having high-temperature resistant tape applied to each side

on-time delivery and just-in-time delivery systems depending on our customer’s demands and needs

Rapid Prototyping
prototype parts can be manufactured from a new design within one day. All our systems and processes are very flexible and adaptable. If parts have details that need to be changed, this can be done very quickly and new prototype versions can be manufactured

acoustic tests and developments of new products, materials and composites are constant and a core of Ventac’s innovative processes

Our competitive advantage lies in our materials expertise and our ability to readily adapt and change our process in line with our clients’ needs and their industry demands. With a team that is dedicated to efficiency, quality, and on-time delivery, we can ensure that our products meet the specific requirements of our clients and work as expected. All our of products are manufactured to the required regulatory standards.

ventac innovation acoustic lab icon


We operate by and are certified to current ISO 9001:2015 standards. The quality of our products is of prime importance and we always ensure they can withstand stringent environmental demands so your product works as expected.

ventac employee manufacturing high quality products
ventac innovation acoustic lab icon

Ventac Acoustic Lab

Ventac is home to Ireland’s largest and only commercial acoustic test chambers. Our accoustic laboratories are used for acoustic materials development, vehicle noise testing and building materials acoustic analysis.

Ventac acoustic testing and assessment

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ventac is conscience of our impact on the environment and actively peruse any opportunity to improve their processes in order to reduce their Carbon Footprint, through energy, waste and environmental management.

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