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NoiseBreak Acoustic Barrier

Temporary Acoustic Barrier

High-Performance Temporary Acoustic Barrier for Construction and Industrial Applications

NoiseBreak by Ventac is a temporary acoustic barrier for construction and industrial activities designed to reduce noise pollution and its effects on the surrounding environment, for example within residential or noise sensitive areas. Noise is a growing concern in today’s society and NoiseBreak can aid in the reduction of noise disturbances to improve the overall wellbeing of the environment.

Ventac have used their acoustic expertise and market experience to develop NoiseBreak as a high performance and low-cost temporary acoustic barrier for construction and industrial developments. NoiseBreak is an effective market solutions used to support the acoustic reduction needs of EHS Managers, Project Managers, Operations Manager, Developers, County Councils and other personnel with the responsibility of ensuring environmental noise is kept within a minimum and compliance levels.

NoiseBreak is Available To Rent Or Buy.

Talk to our team today to learn more about how NoiseBreak can reduce noise pollution from construction and industrial activities.

High-Performance and Durable Acoustic Solution

Construction projects and industrial developments are more than often located in noise sensitive residential areas or within commercial or working areas within cities or towns, making them susceptible to disturbing excess noise levels and environmental noise pollution. Noise complaints and regulations can have an impact on construction hours, decrease productivity and result in prosecution. NoiseBreak Acoustic Barrier can mitigate these effects to ensure your projects go ahead as planned, without any interruptions.

NoiseBreak barriers consist of absorbing and insulating layers for the reduction of sound and breakout noise. Its tough facing creates a waterproof solution that withstand temperature fluctuations and weather changes, making NoiseBreak a durable and reusable sound solution for any construction and industrial activity.

NoiseBreak is easily installed, transported and stored and can be customised with your own company logo to promote branding when installed in visible locations.

Market addressed include:

  • Industrial Applications
  • Construction Sites
  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Vaccum Units
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • In-Plant Noise
  • Outdoor & Environmental Noise

Key Features

Flexible, durable and customisable facing

UV, weather and fungicide protected

Variations include environmentally friendly RW, 5P and 10P for alternate acoustic performance

Eyelets and Velcro options for easy installation, transport and removal
Ventacs industrial noise break barrier

Easily hung on Harras or Unistrut fencing frames and poles to form wall or enclosure protection

Up to 30dB noise reduction – performance validated in acoustic laboratory facilities

Low-cost, high-performance solution to other market alternatives


NoiseBreak 5P
Max. Continuous Temp120°C
Product Size2mx 1.2m, custom panels available
Noise Reduction (Lab tested – Rw under lab conditions)26dB
ColourCustomizable for large quantities
NoiseBreak 10P
Max. Continuous Temp120°C
Product Size2mx 1.2m, custom panels available
Noise Reduction (Lab tested – Rw under lab conditions)29dB
ColourCustomisable for large quantities
Own Company logo available
NoiseBreak RW
Max. Continuous Temp70°C
Weight2.5-3 kg/m2
Product Size2mx 1.2m
Noise Reduction (Lab tested – Rw under lab conditions)21dB
ColourCustomisable for large quantities
Own company logo available
Made from recycled materials

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