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Ventac has extensive experience in assessing noise levels

Ventac has extensive experience in assessing, designing and installing solutions for industrial, environmental and workplace environments. Our solutions are custom designed or product specified solutions that are supplied based on the individual needs of our customers and the requirements of their applications.

Each of our projects are backed by our industry knowledge of key issues including compliance, regulatory and workplace demands to find a high-performance solution for our customers within an agreed time-frame and budget.

Environmental Noise Control / NRP

Environmental Noise Control / NRP

Ventac Environmental Noise Control Solutions help our customers in reducing existing noise emission levels to their surrounding environments to ensure compliance with EPA guidelines, EPA license requirements, site inspections, residential complaints and environmental report statements. We specialise in providing a complete service including noise assessments for the development of noise impact surveys, which are then used to design custom make noise control packages to meet the needs of the customer and suit specific requirements.

We also offer client support for the design and implementation of a phased Noise Reduction Plan (NRP) within an agreed time-frame and budget to ensure the most effective approach to reducing overall plant noise levels.

Occupational Noise Control

Occupational Noise Control

Ventac offer complete noise control packages or one-off solutions for the reduction of occupational noise through the assessment, design, and installation of noise control solutions. The occupational noise control solutions we offer at Ventac positively impact on employee health, workplace incidents, and generally create a more productive and safe workplace for employees. We identify key problem areas for occupational noise, design bespoke reduction solutions, and lower workers overall exposure to ensure a quieter, safer, and more productive workplace.

Ventac employees working on Occupational Noise Control

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