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Monitor – Design – Install

Ventac offer complete noise control packages or one-off solutions for the reduction of occupational noise through the assessment, design, and installation of noise control solutions. We offer client support for the design and implementation of a phased Noise Reduction Plan (NRP) within an agreed time-frame and budget to ensure the most effective approach to reducing overall plant noise levels. We support our clients in addressing HSE guidelines and regulations for workplace noise.

Occupational Noise Control Services

Talk to us today about our complete packages or custom one-off solutions for the reduction of occupational noise

Introducing solutions for occupational noise has direct positive impacts on employee health and productivity, reducing sick days, worker complaints and workplace incidents to create a safer and more productive workplace for employees.

Ventac’s Approach

Ventac Occupational Noise Control graphic
  • We identify key problem areas for noise within factories and manufacturing sites.
  • Once the problem is identified, we design a bespoke noise reduction solution for the customer.
  • Our aim is to lower workers overall exposure to noise to create a quieter, safer and more productive workplace.

Our Solution

Ventac’s Environmental Noise Control Solutions include acoustic, engineering, solution and installation expertise and all project applications.

Our Services
Ventac Occupational Noise Control solution
  • In-Plant Noise Control
  • Machinery Sound Reduction
  • HSE Compliance with Workplace Regulations & Guidelines
  • In-plant Remote Online Noise Monitoring
  • Noise Reduction Plans
  • Factory Noise Assessment & Solution Implementation Programs
  • Noise Isolation from Excessive Noise levels
  • Acoustic Refuges – on-site meeting spaces, office spaces, booths and quiet rooms
Product Solutions
Ventac Occupational Noise Control
  • Reverberation
  • Sound Absorption
  • Dampening
  • Acoustic screens and quilts
  • Ceiling Baffles
  • Soft linings
  • Acoustic enclosures and generator enclosures
  • Pump jackets
  • Anti-vibration
  • Acoustic louvres
  • Attenuation

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