Corporate Policies

Policies which govern what our business stands for and supports our business goals.

At Ventac, we don’t just sell products.

We develop, deliver and provide support and solutions worldwide.

At Ventac, our technical expertise and customer focus is inherent throughout the entire organisation. This is backed up by customer testimonials and a proven track record in delivering innovative cost effective solutions to our international customers.

Additionally, we are dedicated to creating a working environment which inspires our people to be motivated to deliver a first class service to our customers.

Customer Service

Our satisfaction lies in building a successful profitable business in highly competitive circumstances. A returning customer for us is a measure of this success; repeat business represents the building blocks of our business. Our focus and effort starts with the customer and ends with the customer. We build relationships with our customers across all departments to ensure we provide the support they need when implementing our solutions.

Employee Engagement

With 42 employees that has a large remit of manufacturing and engineering responsibilty for its customers who are rely on us to define, manufacture and supply effective high quality solutions, our employees are a key asset; this message is openly shared with employees, investors and customers. Many of our departments require staff with a high skillset. We have found by increasing employee engagement this increases their committment to their organisations goals and values and they stay motivated contributing to organisational success. We have introduced a range of ongoing training and employee development plans set out in yearly training plans. For the management team, we have undergone a Management Training Initiative to further develop skills and strategies. Each staff member has agreed KPI’s which support the business’ overall goals.

Enivronmentally Conscious

Being a solution manufacturer, materials efficiency and recycling is a great concern for us. The effect of our activities as a company on the environment is a real concern for us. We have implemented several material optimisation programmes, adhesive reduction schemes and waste reduction programmes to date. In the first year of our waste reduction plan, our efforts resulted in 305 square metres of material being diverted from landfill and recycled back into manufacturing process over a three month period and led to an operational cost saving of 8.5K. This has warranted an investment in resources to develop and maximise our waste reduction programme through developing an integrated process, which will ensure waste recycling is used on a continuous basis.

We are committed to developing our policies on a continuous basis, both for our employees and our customers. We commit to providing our customers with the best customer service, support and products available and to creating a motivating engaging environment which our employees thrive in.

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