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Sound Insulation

Vehicle Acoustic Test Program

Sound Identification Process

Ventac’s sound insulation expertise is supported by our vehicle acoustic test programs. These assessments have the ability to detect the exact noise sources within our client’s automotive vehicles. Our data allows us to provide the best noise reduction solutions for vehicle sound proofing. Supported and conducted by our team of highly experienced acousticians, we work closely with our customers to identify a quick and effective result.

Our capabilities serve as a vital resource to our clients looking to address noise regulations and vehicle sound quality. Our solutions aim to provide the maximum noise reduction, while also considering weight and cost.

Whether enhancing the performance of existing noise control products, designing solutions for a new vehicle development or identifying a solution for a current model type, we can provide an effective solution for any acoustic problem which will contribute to improving overall automotive sound proofing.

Ventac acoustic testing and assessment

All of our solutions are tailor-made for the customer and specifically designed in partnership with their engineering and technical teams to ensure their key problems are being addressed.

Benefits of the vehicle test program

The vehicle acoustic test program allows for an extremely quick turnaround in the identification of noise control solutions for our clients. We understand the demands of our customers project timelines and our testing process allows us to gain a deep understanding of the acoustic deficiencies within our client’s vehicles and fully understand the problem in order design and manufacture a bespoke solution specifically designed for the application. Our work is conducted using precision test equipment and extensive engineering experience from our acoustics team specialising in this field.

Ventac field testing in ventac lab

Vehicle Testing Process


Acoustic assessments are conducted on-site in Ventac or we travel to the customers site

Ventac client vehicle

Testing is conducted on the client’s vehicle using advanced noise source identification

Ventac tested validated

Material prototypes are tested and validated

Ventac customer identified

A highly effective noise control solution is identified for the customer

Additional Benefits to Testing

  • Best acoustic performance with minimum product application
  • Reduced weight per part
  • Maximum value at the best cost
  • Reduced disruptions to machine performance
  • Exact sound source identification
  • Detection of unknown sound leakages and breakout noise
  • Tonal noise detection
  • R&D product development
  • Characterisation of the vehicle noise levels

At Ventac, we base our acoustic solutions for each vehicle on a rigorous acoustic test program. This program is a powerful combination of cutting-edge noise testing capabilities and acoustic expertise, supported by a database of acoustic insulation materials performance. Ventac prides itself on delivering this program with a ‘hands-on’ approach that means innovation and speed is at the heart of each program


Mark Simms

Research & Development Director

Co-Engineering Sound Solutions

Ventac’s materials are designed to address both airborne and structure borne noise for interior and exterior applications. Ventac deliver a quick turn-around for the customer with testing programs generally taking 1-2 days, followed by a report and product specification.  Alternatively, prototypes can be fitted during the manufacture of the vehicle, where an acoustic assessment can be conducted on a baseline vehicle and a validation assessment can be completed after the prototypes are fitted to ensure their effectiveness.

With the use of our acoustic camera technologies, we aim to both educate and solve our clients noise problems both visually and audibly. Our testing programs can be conducted on-site at Ventac or at our customers facilities.

ventac firetruck acoustic camera
ventac innovation acoustic lab icon

Ventac Acoustic Lab

Ventac’s Acoustic Lab is equipped with an advanced noise source identification system enabling us to carry out a series of tests to bring the best acoustic performance with minimum product application. Our experienced engineers can then provide the most effective acoustic insulation solution based on the client’s particular acoustic problems.

Ventac engineer testing vehicle in acoustic lab

All of our acoustic tests are conducted to the highest industry standards.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems

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