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Sound Deadening Materials

Materials Expertise

Ventac’s composite materials and product solutions are fine-tuned to address the specific noise and frequencies being emitted from our client’s vehicles. Supported by our Vehicle Acoustic Test Program, each of the 400+ different materials used in our solution is performance validated and tested within our Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories, prior to their installation on our customer’s vehicles. This process allows Ventac determine the acoustic performance of their composite materials and components and assign them to the correct frequencies determined from the Acoustic Vehicle Test Program. This ensures the most effective and high performance noise control solution is provided. All of our solutions are tailor-made for the customer and specifically designed in partnership with their engineering and technical teams to ensure their key problems are being addressed.


Working with our customers, Ventac can manufacture the most effective acoustic solution based on the needs of our customers. To ensure our products perform to the highest standards and meet all specific requirements, we can tailor our solutions properties based on strength, stiffness, toughness, heat resistance, aesthetics, cost, production, regulation requirements, ease of installation, acoustic and vibration control demands.

Ventac’s Solutions

Each of our solutions is supported by our Vehicle Acoustic Test Program, analysis, and manufacturing expertise, to ensure Ventac can deliver tailor-made performance validated solutions that provide the most effective noise control solution to our clients. Ventac’s solutions offer the best value across the board in terms of performance vs cost when compared to our competitors, giving our customers the best solution and the greatest lifetime value.

Treating Noise

Fuel Efficiency


Each of Ventac’s noise control solutions is application based and are designed as a bespoke acoustic solution Our capabilities can support a huge range of applications across the commercial, agricultural, industrial and specialist vehicle market sectors.

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Some of the benefits included in designing tailor-made acoustic solutions include a reduction in the overall amount of materials needed, as the exact noise source is identified and successfully treated during our testing process. Our technical and materials expertise also ensure the most effective and high-performance product is engineered with the client’s vehicle design and operating environment in mind. At Ventac we also consider the physical design and practicality of our of material solutions. Our products can be designed as acoustic kits that are integrated and installed easily into our client’s assembly lines, causing minimum disruption timelines and costs.

Ventac products and components are manufactured and designed on-site in our HQ engineering and production facilities. This means we have full control over product development and quality and we control each stage of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Ventac customers are ensured that our products are produced to the highest standards and quality.

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