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Ventac is an established name in the supply of innovative and high-performance noise control solutions to the global Bus & Coach industry. Our experience, technical knowledge and acoustic expertise allows us to work in partnership with our clients to quickly identify and solve their noise control problems with a solution that is guaranteed to deliver an effective result.

The Commercial Vehicles industry is a challenging and ever-changing environment. Ventac, as a well-known provider of noise control solutions to the industry, can assist manufacturers in meeting these challenges. Our process allows us to supply fast and effective solutions that address the needs and demands of our customers and their markets.

Ventac commercial vehicle bus

Quiet Comfort Guaranteed

Providing a comfortable travel environment in the form of a quiet and controllable temperature cabin is a key determinant in achieving a positive customer experience on all public service vehicles, such as urban commuter buses, intercity and touring coaches. Moreover, improved comfort also contributes to the level of driver contentment and reduces occupational fatigue, thus improving safety and awareness.

Ventac is the industry leading expert in delivering a complete vehicle sound insulation package to satisfy the needs of bus and coach applications. We combine decades of experience in vehicle noise control with our in-house technical knowledge of materials, acoustics and design to develop an intimate understanding of your vehicle; only then can Ventac co-engineer and manufacture the tailored solutions that most efficiently deliver cabin comfort levels that will please even the most demanding of customers.

Ventac offer our customers unparalleled access to technical and design experts with a performance focus on reducing noise levels, improving sound quality and minimising cabin thermal losses. Ventac are uncompromising on passenger safety, ensuring our materials meet all of your environmental exposure and flammability requirements. Equally, we care about the commercial success of our customers; so we are mindful to provide solutions that minimise the total cost of ownership for your customers with low weight solutions that are cost effective as components, for installation and for service.



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Noise Control Solutions

The Bus & Coach industry is heavily influenced by legislation, environmental demands, occupational health & safety and passenger comfort. Ventac is the market leader in the identification and supply of high performance acoustic solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the most demanding applications.

Developing Solutions Through Collaboration

At Ventac, we supply our customers with collaboratively developed noise insulation packages that increase the comfort of their vehicles.

We combine our years of applied vehicle acoustics experience with our wealth of material knowledge and integration focused design to supply our customers with series solutions that are designed specifically for their products.

While our solutions are different for each application, the outcome is not; OEMs thoroughly satisfied with quieter, more comfortable cabins that convey superior product quality and an exceptional attentiveness to their customer’s experience.

What follows are long term development partnerships between Ventac and the manufacturer, as they prosper first-hand from the commercial advantage of quietly satisfied customers.

Ian McDevitt

Head of Innovation

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Our Process

Commercial Vehicle Acoustic Test Program

Vehicle Acoustic Test Program

In order to provide efficient and effective solutions suited to our customers’ needs, Ventac completes a Vehicle Acoustic Test Program for all new projects. The program begins with a thorough vehicle assessment conducted by a member of our acoustic engineers using state of the art equipment, such as our noise finding acoustic camera. This step enables Ventac to develop a complete understanding of our customer’s vehicles and their goals when tailoring a noise control solution.

Ventac Commercial Vehicles Process material selection

Material Selection

This process, supported by our on-site acoustic testing facilities allows Ventac to select a fine-tuned material composite and bespoke solution which has been designed to effectively reduce the noise within the vehicle. We can typically complete a Vehicle Testing Program in 1-2 days, which is then followed by a full acoustic report and solution.

Ventac Commercial Vehicles Process checklist

Performance Validation

Our materials are performance validated within our Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories to confirm that they will withstand demanding and extreme environments. Besides acoustic effectiveness, we also ensure that our products can withstand high temperatures, oil, water and fuel resistance as well as high flame resistance in line with strict industry regulations.

Industry Focused Acoustic Solutions

Ventac supply a wide range of acoustic solutions as assembly ready kits or prototype solutions for vehicle testing and development. Using our innovative material composite expertise and thermal acoustic solutions, our products are guaranteed to provide an effective result for even the most demanding environments and applications.

Because our process offers an on-site acoustic analysis and sound measurement of our client’s vehicles, we can offer comprehensive technical knowledge and a solution that will guarantee both the effectiveness of the materials and the overall acoustic result that fit all the requirements of the customer. Ventac solutions are fine-tuned to suit the specific sounds and frequencies emitted from the vehicle to guarantee an effective result.

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Ventac can offer consultancy advice on best design as part of the Vehicle Acoustic Test Program to aid our client’s in understanding the sound pathways throughout the machinery. Such analysis is conducted with the use of our Acoustic Technologies for the visualization and hearing of sound.

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