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At Ventac, we design, manufacture, and supply acoustic solutions for Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial and Specialist Vehicles OEM’s. Serving a variety of sectors worldwide, our product range supports the requirements of a broad range of vehicle applications.

Our expertise and technical capabilities allow us to identify fast and effective noise control solutions that are guaranteed to supply a high-performance result. Our overall aim is to understand the needs and demands of our customers to co-engineer a fast and complete noise control solution from testing and development to supply.

Commercial Vehicles

Noise is fast becoming a challenge for commercial vehicle OEM’s. The global bus and coach industry, for example, is a dynamic and challenging environment. Bus and coach operators demand ever-lower vehicle operating and repair costs combined with improved reliability and durability as Government legislation is regulating lower vehicle emissions and improved passenger and driver safety.

Ventac, as supplier and partner to the global bus and coach industry, provides a range of state-of-the-art technology solutions to assist manufacturers in meeting these challenges.

Agricultural Vehicles

The main objective for noise control on agricultural vehicles is to reduce the dynamic noise levels at the operator’s ear in order to improve comfort. Excessive noise at Operator Ear Level (OEL) in tractors is the major cause of fatigue to the operator. With growing competition and upcoming legislative requirement, there is ominous need for the agricultural tractor manufacturers to control noise levels.

Ventac’s strategy for noise reduction on agricultural tractors is to identify and control key noise sources affecting performance parameters like power, torque, and fuel efficiency to meet increasingly stringent noise legislation.

ventac industrial specialist

Industrial Vehicles

The operator’s position in industrial and construction vehicles typically has a number of acoustic problems. These include a small enclosed environment, a large proportion of acoustically reflective glazed surfaces and multiple noise sources from the vehicle. The noise exposure for an operator of a construction vehicle is often over a prolonged period of time, meaning that suppressing the noise level he is exposed to is critical to ensuring compliance with the safety requirements of the European directive (2003/10/EC) and national legislation.

Due to the multi-functional nature of the vehicle, a typical noise control package comprises several noise control strategies. These packages are designed as part of a noise testing process either at the clients’ site or at our test facility here in Ventac.

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Specialist Vehicles

Specialist vehicles cover a wide range of vehicle types ranging from material handling, military, utility, and marine. With years of experience solving noise problems across a wide range of vehicle sectors, you can be assured we can offer results you will be pleased with.

Offering on-site or in lab testing services, we can provide an acoustic overview of your vehicle, suggest materials and fit prototype parts subsequently highlighting reductions in noise and increase in sound quality

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