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Ventac has extensive experience in the treatment of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery, including cabin and component solutions.

Through an effective Vehicle Acoustic Test Program, we can identify the key noise sources, trace and track noise paths and treat the key problem areas within farm machinery with tuned-composite solutions that are custom manufactured for the customer.

Typical solution applications include:

  • Engine Bay
  • Firewall
  • Cab Floor
  • Interior
  • Headliners

We also work in partnership with our customers to develop innovative new solutions and assembly ready kits to their exact specifications.


Ventac acoustic material solutions are designed with consideration to their operating environments and include thermal and fluid resistance qualities, that also deliver exceptional acoustic performance. At Ventac, we co-engineer our solutions with the client to ensure they are receiving market-driven innovative solutions that put their needs first.

Acoustic support from design to implementation

Ventac are experts in the field of acoustic reduction and thermal insulation. Our solutions are developed from scratch as a bespoke solution for each of our clients. Beginning with an acoustic assessment of the farm machinery vehicle, using our advanced acoustic testing processes we can identify the key noise sources and paths within the vehicle and use this information to fine-tune a material composite solution designed to specifically target these noise problems. Our process guarantees to reduce the noise levels within our customer’s vehicles and our solutions are designed in line with the needs and demands of both our customers and their industries in mind.

We offer both on and off-site acoustic assessments and provide comprehensive technical knowledge to guarantee our solutions fit all our customer’s requirements.

Find out more about our Vehicle Acoustic Test Programs.

Custom manufactured solutions for high acoustic performance

High noise levels around the Operator Ear Level (OEL) is one of the major causes of fatigue to the vehicle operator, which has a negative effect on their safety and comfort. With an increase in competition among tractor manufacturers and strict legislative requirements, there is a strong demand for vehicle noise control. At Ventac, our processes focus on identifying and controlling the key noise sources that affect the overall performance of the machinery to help our customer’s delivery the most competitive and comfortable vehicle, while also ensuring compliance with noise legislation.

Due to the demanding working environment of Agricultural Vehicles, Ventac ensures that the materials used in our solutions are durable enough to withstand their applications. Including acoustic effectiveness, our solutions also meet requirements to withstand temperature, flammability, oil and fluid resistance, aesthetics and low-weight demands. Because we co-engineer our solutions from start to finish with our customers we can guarantee their effectiveness and design our products to include additional benefits such as easy installation and noise reduction kits that are assembly ready and always delivered on-time.

Effective Acoustic Solutions

Our noise source identification techniques are carried out to assess both airborne and structure-borne noise that contribute to both the noise experienced by the operator and the noise emitted by the vehicle to the surrounding environment, which can have an equally negative effect on the operator and bystanders. Key noise sources within the vehicle can include the engine bay, cooling fans, exhausts, air-intake and hydraulics, which contribute to the overall noise levels of the vehicle and have a considerable impact the overall comfort and competitiveness of the vehicle.

Our advance noise testing processes include acoustic technologies such as acoustic cameras that support the visualisation of sound to our customers and can pinpoint the exact noise source within the vehicle. In designing a solution to address these key problem areas, Ventac can deliver an overall vehicle noise reduction and a better experience for the end-user.

Effective Acoustic Solutions

Ventac completes an Acoustic Test Program with each of their customers, which supports the quick and simple identification of noise source problems and tailor-made product solutions. This approach helps us to understand how to identify the most productive and efficient solutions that will contribute to the overall noise reduction of the vehicle, to offer an innovative approach towards noise control.

The Vehicle Acoustic Test Program supports the tight project timelines of our customers while also providing a deep understanding of their key problems. We offer acoustic consultancy and customer support throughout the entire test process to help our clients understand their vehicle noise applications in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions. Backed by precision test equipment and extensive technical experience, our Acoustic Engineers guarantee to reduce the noise reduction of your vehicle.

Materials Tailored to Each Customer

Ventac has extensive experience working with agricultural tractor manufacturers and their noise control treatments. In order to provide effective acoustic solutions, we have been mapping the market from an end user (the farmer), across distribution networks, machinery OEMs, cabin and component manufacturers to fully understand the demands of the market. Accordingly, we can provide the most effective solution to each of our customers.

We treat our client’s vehicles with tailored materials to target areas such as the fire-wall, cab floor, wheel arches or headliners. We always analyse each machine acoustically to design a solution that fits the exacts needs of the application. We understand that agricultural machines often operate in harsh conditions and therefore ensure that our solutions are made to withstand durability tests while providing the best acoustic performance.

Tomas Mrkvica

Business Development Manager for Czech Republic

Ventac can offer consultancy advice on best design as part of the Vehicle Acoustic Test Program to aid our client’s in understanding the sound pathways throughout the machinery. Such analysis is conducted with the use of our Acoustic Technologies for the visualization and hearing of sound.

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