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Field TestingIn addition to our laboratory testing capabilities, we offer field testing which can include tests on vehicles, machinery, buildings and industrial applications.

We find this is a most satisfactory solution as many of our customers are located all over the world. A project timeframe and objectives are set and agreed before any project is started.

Testing is carried out and an initial report is returned within 2 to 3 weeks. Depending on the testing programme selected, a prototype kit is then installed and measurements recorded. The complete test report will show baseline measurements along with measurements with the suggested solution.

The following tests are carried out on buildings / constructions in situ:

  •  Airborne Sound Insulation (Sound transmission Loss) Test
    • Walls and Floors ISO 140-4
  •  Impact Sound Insulation
    • Floors ISO 140-6
  • Reverberation Time Measurement
    • Rooms/Enclosed spaces ISO 3382

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