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At Ventac, we pride ourselves on the fact we have many years experience in our field and have built an experienced team with many diverse skills.

This, coupled with our ability to test materials and manufacture quality solutions in our state of the art laboratory to our own design makes us quite unique as a complete solutions provider.

We constantly strive to be the best at what we do and are always looking at ways to develop our solutions through a unique innovative customer focused approach. Having our own acoustic laboratory on site means we are able to not only test vehicles and products, but also test the latest materials enabling us to be able to include the latest materials that offer the best acoustic performance in each application.

Over 30 Years Experience

Ventac Laboratories have have been involved in noise control for more than 30 years. Being Ireland’s only commercial acoustic laboratory, it is no longer necessary to have systems or products shipped to UK or mainland Europe for acoustic testing or certification.

Ventac Laboratories assists clients in obtaining accurate and reliable test data as well as undertaking research and development programmes on new and existing products. Test data and findings are presented in a formal report.

Accredited & Certified

Ventac’s testing facility is designed to carry out a comprehensive range of acoustic and airflow tests on materials, components and products. Absorption and transmission loss tests can be carried our in our suite of chambers. We can also perform tests for sound intensity levels for noise source and noise path investigations. Sound power tests and vehicle testing can be carried out in free-field in the 2 hectares of open space right outside our laboratory. Sound power tests can also be carried out using the intensity or reverberant room methods. Testing is in accordance with ISO or other relevant standards. In addition tests can be certified by the NSAI. NSAI is accredited for its certification services by accreditation bodies in Ireland, the UK, Canada and the USA – INAB, UKAS, ANAB and SCC.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Ventac assist customers in obtaining accurate and reliable test data as well as undertaking research and development programmes on new and existing products. All consultancy based research and testing carried out by Ventac is treated in the strictest confidence and is presented in a formal report and remains the sole property of the customer. NDA agreements protecting both parties form part of our standard methodology.

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