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Ventac’s acoustic testing expertise supports in the quick identification and treatment of noise problems.

Acoustic Testing

Acoustic sound testing in the field is supported by our acoustic technologies and on-site facilities including our Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories. Our acoustic testing processes allow for the quick and reliable identification and treatment of noise problems to identify high performance solutions for the Vehicle and Industrial Noise Control markets.

Ventac’s field testing services can be conducted both on-site at Ventac’s facilities or at our customers sites to facilitate the development of a Noise Reduction Plan (NRP) for our Industrial Noise customers or to support our Vehicle Acoustic Test Program. Our sound testing processes follow the most relevant industry testing standards and we can guarantee a fast and effective outcome with our testing generally taking between 1-2 days. As part of our partnership approach we aim to educate and facilitate our customers technical teams on acoustics and best practice when it comes to developing and designing high quality noise control solutions.

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Ventac constantly strives to work along-side our customers to find the most effective noise control solution. Through this partnership, we will ensure that the solutions identified are in line with the needs and demands of our customer’s problems so that they can see the benefits of installing a Ventac solution

Ventac's complete Acoustic Testing

Field-Testing Capabilities

Ventac are on-hand for all the acoustic needs of our clients. Each of our acoustic tests are carried out by our team of Acoustic Engineers with the use of advanced testing technologies including our Acoustic Cameras. Our tests in line with the most relevant IS, EN, ISO, BS, ASTM and relevant industry standards for the Vehicle and Industrial Noise Control market sectors.

Vehicle Noise Control

Ventac’s noise control solutions for vehicle applications are driven by our expertise in acoustic testing & analysis, materials selection and manufacturing processes. Each of Ventac’s high performance acoustic components are manufactured in conjunction with our Vehicle Acoustic Test Program, which are conducted on-site at Ventac or at our client’s facilities on their vehicles prior to solution identification. Ventac solutions are engineered and designed in-house to specifically address the key noise issues of each individual customer.

Vehicle Noise
Testing Capabilities

Ventac’s field-testing and noise source analysis can be conducted on complex noise sources including vehicles and heavy machinery. This testing is carried out using precision test equipment and extensive engineering experience from our Acoustics team who specialize in the field. Ventac’s field testing services are conducted in support of our Vehicle Acoustic Test Program for effective noise control solution identification.

As part of the assessment, noise control problems can be assessed and prototype acoustic solutions can be quickly supplied for testing on the vehicle or machinery. This testing procedure is supported by Ventac’s advanced noise source identification techniques, which include sound intensity equipment and highly effective Acoustic Camera arrays.

Tests conducted can include beamforming measurements and the fast identification of mid to high range frequency noise sources, nearfield holography measurements for detailed analysis of noise radiating from a source at a given frequency and sound power level measurements that are conducted where noise is measured in controlled conditions to give accurate results.

This Ventac approach is used to combine high-tech test techniques with hands on engineering experience to quickly identify solutions for all vehicle and machinery noise problems.

Building & Industrial
Noise Testing Capabilities

Ventac field testing services for the Industrial Noise market are used for the development of noise control solutions. Noise assessments are conducted at our customer’s sites for the development of a Noise Reduction Plan (NRP) to support solution identification and is conducted using our advanced noise source identification techniques. Product development and testing services are also available within our Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories for the building and construction industries.

Ventac’s on-site testing capabilities for the development of Building & Industrial product solutions include:

  • The acoustic performance of a wall or partition construction can be tested to measure airborne noise and sound insulation properties in accordance with the relevant industry test standards. The controlled acoustic environment of Ventac’s chambers allows for the exact measurement of sound energy lost across the test samples.
  • Floor constructions can be tested for airborne sound and impact sound insulation. Ventac’s testing facilities can be used to assess the sound energy that is transmitted structurally to determine how a floor will respond to noise coming from sources such as footsteps, furniture movement, etc. Building components such as doors can also be tested.
  • Sound insertion loss measurements for ventilation components can be conducted on duct components such as attenuators. Sound insulation measurements can be conducted for product applications such as acoustic louvres. Ventac’s additional facilities can also conduct tests on air-flow noise measurements for components such as louvres and grills and sound power levels of fans to include case breakout, inlet and outlet noise.

Materials Testing

Because all of Ventac’s materials are tested within our Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories, we understand how they perform at different frequencies. Through understanding their acoustic properties, Ventac can then tailor a bespoke solution for each of our customers. Additionally, all our products are selected to withstand their environments and include properties such as heat resistance and thermal requirements. All of our parts are designed specifically by matching the material to the noise source for each of our customers applications.

Ventac material compositions can be tested for sound absorption and sound insulation. Our acoustic testing methods are more accurate because they are conducted within our acoustic facilities, which provide the most accurate results in terms of materials performance. At Ventac, we are consistently testing new materials, combinations and layers of composites and vehicle components.

Ventac’s solutions are designed to address airborne noise, both structural and vibrational. Their performance is based on sound insulation testing to determine sound transmission, airborne and impact sound insulation and sound absorption to determine the ability of the material of structure to take in and absorb sound energy. Depending on the application of our clients, we can tailor our solutions to target and manufacture vibration damping and isolation components, barrier and absorber composites, noise barriers and thermal and sound absorbers.

All of our solutions are validated with their end application in mind, may it be a bus floor or an engine bay to give the most accurate results. Developing our solutions in this way guarantees a high performance result and solutions that work in conjunction with our clients vehicles.

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Ventac Lab

Operating as one of the most advanced acoustic laboratories within Europe, Ventac’s acoustic test chambers drive research and development for innovative material composites, vehicle kit development and product advancements for the Vehicle and Industrial Noise control industries.

Ventac field testing in ventac lab

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