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Complete Noise Control Solutions

At Ventac, our industry experience means we understand the needs of our customers. As a team, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and technical expertise to all of our international clients. Reliability, speed, and expertise are at the core of what we do and our knowledge of the Vehicle and Noise Control industries ensures that we can provide our customers with high-performance acoustic solutions and support, that is demanded on every application.

Meet the Team

  • Darren Fortune
    Darren Fortune Managing Director
  • Brian Scully
    Brian Scully Business Development Manager – Building and Industrial Noise
  • Shane Dollery
    Shane Dollery Business Development
  • Ian McDevitt
    Ian McDevitt Head of Innovation
  • Tomas Mrkvica
    Tomas Mrkvica Business Development Leader for Eastern Europe
  • Mark Simms
    Mark Simms Research & Development Director
  • Joe Bourke
    Joe Bourke Production Manager
  • Ruth Scott
    Ruth Scott Engineering Manager
  • Aine Clarke
    Aine Clarke Customer Service Manager
  • Sinead Doran
    Sinead Doran Marketing Executive
  • Sandra Butler
    Sandra Butler Purchasing & Logistics Manager
  • John Geoghegan
    John Geoghegan Contracts Manager
  • Charlotte Quirke
    Charlotte Quirke Financial Controller
  • Jim Deeney
    Jim Deeney Board Member
    • Tom Costello
      Tom Costello Operations Manager

    With over 30 years of experience within the area of noise control, Ventac’s skilled team can provide the customer and technical support needed by all our clients. Our customer excellence is backed by an impressive staff retention rate that allows us to deliver dependable and knowledgeable customer focused support.

    Ventac Team: Shane Dollery and Brian Scully
    ventac team photo
    Ventac team: Ian McDevitt and Mark Simms
    Ventac team employee
    Ventac team employee
    Ventac solution design and engineering support employee

    Office Life

    Ventac’s ambitious and focused team is dedicated to the vision of delivering the most effective noise control solutions, supported by the best customer support to the market. Our achievements are supported by a shared vision to become the market leaders in our industry and to share and communicate the value created from goals with all of our customers and partners.

    As an innovative, proactive and dedicated team, Ventac’s approach always aims to have the customer at the core to ensure that solutions created by us, create value and success for each of our clients within their industries.

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