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Ventac understand the needs of their customers

At Ventac, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and technical expertise to all of our international clients. Reliability, expertise and exceptional customer service is at the core of Ventac and our expertise and knowledge of the Vehicle and Industrial Noise Control markets ensures we can provide high performance acoustic solutions for every application.

Ventac have been in business since 1972, working with international clients to provide high performance acoustic solutions across the Vehicle and Industrial Noise Control industries.

The team at Ventac

Building & Industrial Noise

Existing Builds
New Builds
Noise Control

Ventac will make your vehicle the quietest it can be because of our unrivalled acoustic expertise and dedication to our customer’s needs.

Darren Fortune

Managing Director

Ventac’s Services Include

Ventac offers a complete noise control solution from analysis to manufacture and supply.

Manufacturing Excellence

Acoustic Testing & Analysis

Solution Design

Manufacturing Expertise

Our solutions are supported by our acoustic expertise, technical capabilities and innovative problem solving and are created in partnership with the customer to ensure a high performance and superior acoustic solution.

Ventac understands the needs of their customers and work with them to support regulation and legislation compliance, occupational and passenger comfort, increase their market competitiveness and minimise environmental noise pollution.

Integrate Our Services (to become an extension of our customer’s technical teams)

Ventac co-engineer solutions with their customers

Value engineering excellence

Noise control is a productive additional towards securing market growth
ventac about us support

Integrate their services within the engineering and development teams

Educate and Advise (on acoustics and best practice)

Position ourselves as a centre of expertise

Delivering on and maintaining high customer support levels is our goal at Ventac. We are committed to a strategy and vision that ensures we consistently provide the best standards of customer service and technical support in order to deliver valued solutions every time to all of our customers.

The History of Ventac

Ventac was founded in Dublin as a supplier of industrial and commercial ventilation products to the Irish market
Ventac established their first commercial twin chamber acoustic test lab at their Dublin location
The launch of Ventac Group Ltd and Ventac officially enter the noise control market for vehicle acoustic solutions
Ventac move to their current HQ in Blessington, Co. Wicklow
Ventac unveil Ireland’s only Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories facility on their HQ Blessington site
Ventac open their first European office location in the Automotive Campus, The Netherlands
Achieved ISO 9001 accreditation
Ventac officially open their Czech Republic location in Brno
Ventac win the overall award at the SFA National Small Business Awards
Ventac win Services Exporter of the Year at Irish Exporters Association Export Industry Awards 2017.

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Corporate Policies

Ventac corporate policies customer focused

Customer Focused

Ventac’s core business focus lies in our ability to deliver an intimate customer service, which increases our competitive advantage and relationship with our customers. At Ventac, we value our ability to provide high-performance solutions with a sound support structure grounded in customer service. The results of which are seen in our high customer retention rates.

Innovation & Technical Expertise

The expertise and ease of working with Ventac is a result of the partnership approach we take with our customers. We view ourselves as an extension of our customers’ capabilities and engineering teams. We can provide the hands-on technical and innovative experience and capabilities that are needed from our clients to progress through any project or problem.

Ventac corporate policies innovation technical
Ventac corporate policies international partner

An International Partner

As an established name in the industrial and vehicle noise control sector, Ventac always operates on the basis of excellence and customer intimacy. We strive to provide superior solutions, technical support, and an overall customer experience in order to develop strong partnerships with our clients. We always aim to support and promote the international goals and developments of our customers to ensure the value of our goods is communicated through to their market developments and goals.

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