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Vehicle Noise

Ventac’s vehicle noise control
solutions are co-engineered with
the customer to provide high
performance acoustic results.

Industrial Noise

Complete engineering, design
and installation support for
Industrial & Environmental
Noise Control solutions.

About Ventac

Ventac have been in business since 1972, working with international clients to provide high performance acoustic solutions across the vehicle and industrial noise control sectors.

Reliability, expertise and exceptional customer service are at the core of Ventac’s services and their knowledge and experience in operating within their markets has established them as a household name in the supply of quick and effective noise control solutions.


  • Acoustic Testing
  • Solution Design
  • Material and Product Expertise
  • Manufacturing Excellence
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Our Acoustic Lab

Delivering a product with better acoustic performance will give the business a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

ventac lab chambers

Ventac Laboratories is one of the most advanced acoustic laboratories in Europe. It is equipped for original research and development where new designs and existing products from different industries can be tested and verified.

Products and applications can be easily modified during test sessions and re-tested, which gives way to cost effective and efficient development work at Ventac Laboratories. Acoustic performance measurements are carried out in accordance with the relevant IS EN, ISO, BS and ASTM standards.

An increasing number of well-known successful companies are working with Ventac Laboratories. Using this approach not only achieves better acoustic performance, but also improves sound quality thereby developing products with significant added value.

Our Team

team at ventac
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  • Understand the needs of our customers
  • Deliver exceptional customer service & technical expertise
  • Experience dealing with international clients
  • Provide high-performance acoustic solutions and support

Awards & Certifications

SFA National Manufacturer of the Year 2017
SFA National Manufacturer of the Year 2017
Ventac services exporter of the year
SFA National Manufacturer of the Year 2017

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